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Burchell Zebra

Burchell Zebra

This species was named after the well-known traveller and naturalist, W.J. Burchell, who brought the original specimen from South Africa and presented it to the British Museum. Burchell’s zebra have a horse-like appearance, no dewlap, short ears and upright neck mane with distinct black nose. Males are slightly larger than females and have a narrow dark stripe running vertically from the base of the mane to the tail and females have a wider one.

Burchell’s Zebra inhabits dry savanna, grassland, shrub land, subtropical grassland, tropical dry grassland and subtropical and tropical dry shrub land.

Predominantly grazers, but occasionally will browse. They feed on grass until it is very short. In general, they drink daily and depend strongly on water. Burch ell’s zebra are therefore never far from water sources, unless they are moving to look for new feeding terrains.

Hide Measures

 Nose to tip of tail 310cm

Nose to Bottom 247cm

Belly 150cm (width)

 Rear Legs 220cm (width)

Our Burchell Zebra hides are A-Grad

    £1,400.00 Regular Price
    £1,260.00Sale Price
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